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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  September 11, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CDT

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sheldon: we're following breaking news tonight. police are investigating how a 2-month-old child got shot while riding in a car on i-43. adrienne: it happened tonight around 5:00 p.m. near hampton avenue, news chopper 12 showing deputies combing the freeway for clues. that's where 12 news ben hutchison joins us with the latest. ben. there is any good news, it's that the baby's injuries are considered non-life-threatening we are in a parking lot right off the hampton exit. this is where police and deputies came to help the family involved in the freeway shooting. the investigation to what led up to the incident continues, but the north shore fire department confirming that they transported a 2-month-old girl to children's hospital with a gunshot wound. newschopper 12 was high above as deputies shut down i-43
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we spoke to one man that works in the area. he saw the child's family arrive to the parking lot here, but thought it was a routine traffic stop. >> i never thought it was a little kid that got injured. it's crazy. >> again, those injuries to the baby believed to be non-life-threatening. we're still waiting on possible suspect information from the sheriff's office in gl adrienne: breaking news in the race for president. hillary clinton canceling a trip to california tomorrow hours after video showing an apparently unwell clinton leaving a 9/11 ceremony early. sheldon: now her doctor confirms that and says she diagnosed clinton with pneumonia on friday. abc's devin dwyer has the latest. >> hillary clinton and donald trump in lower manhattan for the
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11, standing just feet from each other as the bells tolled. both left the ceremony early, but clinton first her campaign releasing a statement, staying she was there for an hour and a half paying her respects and greeting families of the fallen. however, quote during the ceremony, she felt overheated, so departed to go to her daughter's apartment. >> it was very, very, very hot. she was standing right in front of me. her staff had come over, tapped her on the shoulder. i thought someone else was coming to see her and she just said we're going n >> this video posted on twitter shows aides helping clinton into a van to leave. the campaign said that it was from the heat and the fact that she was able to go out and greet people two hours later is consistent with that story. >> how are you felling, secretary clinton? >> feeling great. feeling great. >> clinton walked out of chelsea's building before noon waving to the media, posing for a picture and assuring everyone she felt better. >> thanks, everybody. thank you.
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statement saying clinton had become overheated and dehydrated, but she is recovering nicely. she had told the candidate to rest after diagnosing her with pneumonia on friday. a new abc news washington post poll shows clinton still has an edge in the race for the white house, leading trump by five points nationally 46 to 41. meanwhile, clinton still taking heat for referring to half of trump's supporters as the basket of deplorables. trump advisor rudy giuliani said the rhetoric on both sides is too amped up. >> i know hillary clinton. i know donald trump much better. neither of them is a racist. and for either one to say that means they're getting a little too excited in their campaigning, but both of them are good people. >> the battle to be the next commander-in-chief still has 57 days to go. devin dwyer, abc news, washington. sheldon: should democrats be worried? mike gousha asks a top wisconsin democrat tonight on upfront. >> hillary clinton led national polls for weeks, but now the
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closer. did democrats expect this? i'll ask hillary clinton supporter u.s. senator tammy baldwin, tonight on upfront. then, leaders of the state assembly lay out their plans for next year, but what will they do about a big hole in the transportation fund? it's my conversation with state representative john nygren, the co-chair of the joint committee on finance. plus, is a top congressional race in wisconsin now moving in it's all coming up tonight at 11:00, right here on upfront. we should have clear skies for the start of the work week. meteorologist lindsey slater is in the weather center. >> spurs a certain day you should have the umbrella handy and that will be tuesday. a beautiful shot of downtown
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59 in waukesha. the dew points are nice and low. mid 50's means it feels good. adrienne: tonight, family, friends, the nation are remembering and honoring the victims. >> thomas henry mcginnis.
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>> through tradition and tearful memories -- >> i'm sorry i never got to say goodbye, bro. >> honoring the 2,996 lives lost in the september 11 terror attacks 15 years ago today. >> 15 years is like 15 seconds. >> from here below the resilient reflection of the new one world trade center to the pentagon as -- pentagon. >> as americans, we do not live in fear. >> and the field in shanksville, pennsylvania. ceremonies highlighting not only on the utter loss and horror of that day, but the heroism. you saved many lives on september 11. thank you wells for the gift of your final hour. >> honoring the legacies etched
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i am 15 years and 3 months old, so i knew you for 3 months. >> i feel like i've known you forever. >> those grieving family members of all ages, saying this day never gets any easier, but that it is so important to be here carrying on the vow made 15 years ago to never forget. local first responders are making sure students who weren't alive in 2001 understand the importance of that day. sheldon: here's wisn 12 news' tim elliott with a closer look. >> freshmen in high school weren't even alive when 9/11 happened. that boggles the mind. this is our pearl harbor. >> milwaukee fire department deputy chief aaron lipski is determined to make sure students know all about 9/11. >> i think those folks that put themselves in the line of service that put them in the
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students at riley elementary school on the south side invited firefighters, police officers, and military members to share their experience from that day. >> oh say can you see. >> they asked questions. >> what were you doing the day the towers were struck? >> and heard from a marine who was deployed to iraq. >> i wear this bracelet in remembrance of all the marin i lost and navy coremen. to me, those are the heroes. >> i feel bad for everyone that died in the 9/11 attack. >> 5th grader bryan munoz is thankful for the men and women who answered the call of duty and are now serving this country. >> for me, i think they are heroes because they are risking their lives for us and others. >> for milwaukee public schools, teaching these students about 9/11 is just as important as any other lesson. >> it's been 15 years. let us never forget the sacrifices that were made on september 11.
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>> in milwaukee, tim elliott, wisn 12 news. adrienne: one of milwaukee's top brands is getting some new attention. sheldon: a dramatization of the beginnings of our great company. sheldon: we great-grandson of a harley davidson founder about the miniseries about the company's founding. founding. adrienne: so, can i see you again...
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sheldon: harley-davidson the movie edition has made it to the small screen. so how close did they get to the real story? did they take some poetic license? adrienne: only on wisn 12, our kathy mykleby went to a reliable sour n >> thousands of spectators all watching harley davidson in action. >> there are 50 motorcycle makers in america. we have to be different. >> shot in romania starring actors from game of thrones, fame it is titled, harley and the davidsons. >> i thought a doll medivation on the beginnings of our great company. >> bill davidson is thrilled the discovery channel is putting the spotlight on the company built
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william harley starting out in a shed built by davidson's great-great grandfather. >> i know from the facts we here at the harley davidson museum, my relatives and phil harley were in their early 20's in 1903. and they were extremely driven, extremely passionate. >> a relative was so proud, he painted a sign on the >> it was a relative of the davidson family actually, so they put harley first, yes. >> making a movie and separating fact from folklore is a challenge. >> they really did their homework. >> the head of hd archives bill jackson says the movie crew scoured documents, copied the drawings for serial number, one which stands on hallowed ground at the museum. the bike built by the movie makers was spot on. they threw in romance and
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one of the founders william a. davidson took a back seat in the movie script. >> william davidson is in the story as a brother to the founders but in reality, he was an integral member of that team. >> great grandson bill davidson is taking that in stride, knowing that the motorcycle as always is the absolute star of the show. >> the neat thing is how great of interest in the history of harley davidson. and that people all over the world from all walks of life have an intrigue with this great brand. and we can come to the harley davidson museum here in milwaukee and see that real story, the real facts. >> harley and the davidsons is a three-part, six-hour docu-drama.
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ryan braun rides to the rescue for the brewers. plus, why the badgers star running back isn't concerned about his ankle injury. adrienne: and how the packers withstood the heat and the jaguars offense to win the season opener in jacksonville. dan needles and stephanie sutton have team coverage next in big
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dan: the packers have now won 15 straight regular season games when jordy nelson has caught a touchdown pass from aaron rodgers. rodgers certainly benefitted from the hands of his receivers today. in jacksonville, nelson made a great grab on the touchdown pass from rodgers. later in the first half, davante adams, who dropped a potential big gainer earlier in the game, made a great grab for a touchdown. in the second half, randall cobb joined the party with this 32-yard catch bobbling the ball twice before pulling it in. richard rodgers later added a diving grab as the packers won 27 to 23. as 12 sports stephanie sutton reports, the defense saved the day in the final minute of the game. >> the packers defense played
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against the jaguars in jacksonville, including joe thomas is interception in the first quarter that led to their first score and while the green and gold had their struggles, they handle jaguars quarterback sacking him three times. >> it's good enough to win on week one. you have to get the first one in the column. >> we would have liked to make it easier on ourselves. >> there was no bigger play for the packers defense. >> i was coming in to make the play and held them up long enough.
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i was trying to hold my ground and not let him and the defenses came in and swarmed us. a defensive effort. dan: thanks, steph. the packers will help the vikings open their new stadium one week from tonight. today in nashville, new vikings quarterback sam bradford was just a spectator as minnesota's defense was the difference. back 77 yards for the first of 2 defensive scores for the vikings, who beat the titans 25 to 16. a wild finish in indy. the colts rallied from 3 scores down to take the lead in the final minute on andrew luck's 4th td pass of the game. but the lions still had enough time to get into field goal range and matt prater's 43 yarder put the lions in front. detroit wins 39 to 35.
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win today. down in houston, jj watts did not record a sack, but new quarterback brock osweiler tossed a pair of td passes and the texans beat the bears 23 to 14. one of the wildest games of the day was in new orleans where drew brees passed for over 400 yards and 4 touchdowns. this one covering 98 yards to brandin cooks. a furious rally by the raiders in the final minute, derek carr to seth roberts for the touchdown to pull within a point. the raer the extra point to force overtime and it worked. carr to michael crabtree. the raiders win 35 to 34. fresh off their blowout win over akron, the badgers have climbed up to number 9 in the ap college football poll released today. wisconsin is ranked 12th in the coaches poll. running back corey clement eclipsed 100 yards, rushing for
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the badgers are 9-0 in those games. clement added two touchdowns to go along with his 111 yards on the ground. >> i have dealt with injuries in the past and i know it's nothing to play with so i had to be mature about the situation. it's not about being selfish and how many carries i want in the game. dan: the brewers have become a real thorn in the side of the some of the wild card contenders today in st. louis. with the game tied 1-all in the ninth when ryan braun delivered a punch to the gut of cardinals fans. his 27th home run of the season measured at 429 feet and the brewers beat the cardinals 2 to 1. and finally, stan wawrinka has
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tennis champion since ken rosewall in 1970. the 31-year-old wawrinka beat defending champion novak djokovic in 4 sets today. it's his 3rd grand slam title, but first u.s. open.
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the kids might be chilly tomorrow. x maybe grab a sweater. temperature starting off a bit cool but by the end of the day,
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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] mike: today, on "upfront," is the race for the white house now a close contest? and are democrats starting to worry? i'll ask hillary clinton supporter wisconsin senator tammy baldwin. then, raising road revenue. the options an influential state lawmaker says are on the table. and the wisconsin races that could help determine control of congress. how the national view of them is changing. >> covering the issues important to wisconsin. this is "upfront with mike gousha." mike: hello again, everyone, and welcome to "upfront." we begin today with the race for the white house and a contest that appears to be tightening. some national and swing state polls show a much closer contest now between hillary clinton and donald trump.


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